The Journal Record

One Smart Cookie

Businesspeople realize they have to work smarter and not harder, said Duane Carns, president of Cookie Advantage...more

The Oklahoman

Entrepreneurs in Bixby Turn Cookies Into Dough

Cookie Advantage customers know the importance of repeat and referral clientele. And sometimes, the way to get then is to sweeten the deal, literally. Bixby entrepreneurs Kim and Duane Carns have created a thriving franchise based on thanking clients with fresh chocolate chip cookies..more

The Gazette, Colorado Springs

Custom Cookies A Sweet Way To Say ‘THANKS!’

Ex-Engineer Is The Colorado Franchisee For Chocolate Chip Bakery. Michelle Shah wanted more. More time with her children, more independence from work and more satisfaction from her job. A former chemical engineer, Shah left the Colorado Springs semiconductor industry in 2008 after the birth of her second child....more


I'm telling you, friends. This cookie is the real deal.

The search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie is one that I will endure for the rest of my life. (It's a tough job, I know.) I've had a lot of good, fresh, homemade ones in my day but I find that most packaged cookies never even come close to reach the bliss of a homemade one. So imagine my surprise when one of the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had came in a Priority Mail box from Colorado ...more

Tulsa World

Thank You Cookie Franchises Help Local Business Boom

The Bixby couple run a bakery and delivery company that specializes in sending personalized thank-you notes, along with a tin of fresh-baked cookies, on behalf of corporate clients ...more

Community Spirit Magazine

The Delicious Way to Fundraise

Bixby couple turns cookies into operating capital for schools, churches and non-profits. Since 1998 Kim and Duane Carns have proven that cookies can be ...more

Tulsa World

Firm Sends Cookies for Clients

"We do all the work, and you get all the credit," Kim said. "the only place you ever see our name is on the bottom of the tin." ...more

Tulsa Business Journal

Business of thanking Customers Offers Sweet Reward

"As a successful sales person I discovered companies needed an effective way to say "thank you" to their customers," Duane said. ...more

Community Spirit Magazine

The Cookie Advantage - Cooking Up Some Big Dreams

From auto dealers and realtors to dentists and attorneys, companies have found Cookie Advantage to be their best ally in providing then with a "sweet" way to thank their customers. ...more

Tulsa Business Journal

Kim and Duane Carns agree that loyalty is the key to keeping customers

"We built this company around the concept that you should be loyal to your customers, so they will be loyal to you," Duane said. ...more

The Journal Record

Tasty treats keep business thriving

"That we found during our research is that chocolate chip cookies make eople really happy," Duane said. "Chocolate chip cookies are as American as apple pie." ...more

Community Spirit

Sweet Idea...Sweet Rewards

Cookie Advantage is now prepared to "cookie cut" their success in other franchised locations across America. ...more

Tulsa Metro Chamber Report

Cookie Advantage

The art of saying "Thank You" is often forgotten in business and the Cookie Advantage customer care follow-up program is designed to develop a relationship between you and your customer. ...more

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